About Us

About Nicaraguan Civic Association

Hope is Where the Heart is

At the Nicaraguan Civic Association, our goal is simple: to make the world better for everyone. We base our decisions on thorough studies and data analysis. Our aim is to form meaningful partnerships and create positive change in all our endeavors.

We are a non-profit Organization

We provide Support to anyone in need of Help

ACN emerges from the suffering of our people. We are a group of individuals witnessing the revival of freedom, justice, and democracy. Despite dictatorship’s oppression, our brave and devoted citizens stand armed with courage and love for our homeland.
ACN chooses to speak for the silenced. We aim to be a non-profit organization, aiding those displaced by the regime to other countries, fleeing its oppressive grip. Our goal is to offer hope to those surviving the ravages of hatred and despair, shining a small light on their dark path.
We’re simply a Non-Governmental Organization advocating for fundamental rights: the right to live, to be free, to be heard, and to have justice and equality. Sadly, this utopian notion is far from reality in Nicaragua and many other countries. We strive to be the voice amplifying the cries of a nation plagued by centuries of dictatorship and neglectful governance.

A Beacon of Hope in the Darkness of Oppression

ACN aspires to serve as a catalyst for the immediate and ongoing reconstruction of this town, as well as others in need. While our current focus lies in Nicaragua, our ambition knows no bounds. That we are!.


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